Senior Technical Artist

Game Design

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Social Security Fund
Life & Health Insurance
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Scholarship for master degree
English Course


Rendering tech - focus on rendering / lighting tech and development with graphic programmers to enhance visual quality and performance.
Material creation - making materials for characters, environment assets effects, etc.; anything that is overly complex or technical.
Level work - often the Technical Artist does a pass on a level where fog,lighting, color grading and fx are tweaked, and new features are added.
Optimization - use diagnostic tools to examine current content, game performance, and identify areas for improvement.
Tool development - work with programmers on developing new features and mock up features in external programs
Cinematic support - assist with cinematics by staging characters, adding camera animation, and lighting and rendering final-quality scenes
Help build rapid protypes of experimental features using Unity 3D or other mobile platform tools
Facilitate communication and asset pipeline between engineering and artist teams, solving creative problems.

Education and Experiences

Bachelor's degree in in visual communication art, design or a related field.
3 years experiences in 3D design, demonstrating a refined production aesthetic and an appreciation of the nuances of high-quality visual and interactive design..

Knowledge and skill & Training requirement

Key skills in Unity 3D, C#, real-time VFX, and artistic skills.
Proficient-level experience with Unity Game Engine.
Proficient in scripting with C# within the Unity environment.
Experience creating real-time visual effects sequences.
Knowledge of optimizing real-time 3D-graphics pipeline for mobile platforms.
Ability to prototype in Unity and can work quickly in the prototyping phase and then delivering final, quality code that can be leveraged by others .
Comfortable working within an environment in which the goals evolve rapidly,and technical and design hurdles need to be solved on the fly.
A Passionate to build 3D tools, toolkits, and documentation/guidance.
Extensive knowledge of 3D creation packages (Maya/Max/Modo/Houdini/etc),and the ability to extend the capabilities of these packages via plugin APIs is preferred.
Solid artistic skills (drawing or digital painting) a plus.
BFA or MA Design and/or Computer Science degree, or comparable experience.
Understanding of code versioning (Git, SVN) and its tools is a plus..
Experience in PM Tool such as JIRA, Redmine is a plus..
Ability to work independently or with a group.
Be a team-player and receive constructive feedback on multiple projects simultaneously.