Level Designer

Game Design

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Performance Bonuse
Attendance Allowance
Social Security Fund
Life & Health Insurance
Health Check- up
Entertainment Budget
Learning and Development Course
Scholarship for master degree
Flexible Benefit ( dental expense / scholarship / and many benefits)
Provident Fund


Understand the high-level vision of the game and be able to translate the vision into level design standards that can be used by everyone to build all the levels in the game.
Rapidly Prototype environment level to test out new ideas and gameplay.
Establish the layouts and suggest ways of using the interactive and non-interactive elements to create the desired emotions through the game engine.
As the project progresses, integrate the elements produced in the map (new gameplay, AI, sound, etc.).
Control the accessibility, understanding, and level of difficulty of the level.
Correct the level design bugs entered the database by testers.
Continue to iterate on levels throughout the project phases from concept to final.
Work with multi-discipline teams to build towards the definition of level design standards for the experience and guide the incorporation of the standards into all other levels with vigilance.
Work in collaboration with the game designer, game developer, and artist to ensure that the playability of the level and the graphic elements support each other.
Be familiar with the script and, more specifically, with the episodes at his/her level so that the story remains coherent by working with the narrative team.

Education and Experiences

Bachelor's degree in video game development or equivalent training.
2 years of experiences in the game industry as a level designer, game designer, or environment artist.

Knowledge and Skill & Training Requirement

Ability to design creative and interesting levels utilizing 3D Tools (Unreal Editor, Unity3D, Maya, Max, Blender).
Ability to conceptualize levels and mechanics that will be satisfying to the player.
Ability to analyze and deconstruct both positive and negative elements in a variety of games; then applying and sharing the knowledge extracted.
Strong knowledge of Game Design systems and Level Design elements and how they correlate.
Knowledge of the ways Players react to Level and Game Design elements and the ability to adapt them effectively according to the Game’s needs.
Solid knowledge of the game production pipeline.
Solid knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
Good level in Written/Spoken English.
Good knowledge of Photoshop.
Good Critical and Analytical Sense.
Good Creativity and ability to challenge players.
Familiarity with the game development cycle.
Working knowledge of normal mapping and the different methods of creating them is preferred.
Passion for video games and extensive knowledge of different game genres across all platforms.
Experience working with 3D Environment Artist is a plus.
Be a team player and receive constructive feedback on multiple projects.

Note : Strong portfolio showing Level designing skills and demonstrating a high level of artistic creativity through documentation (Word, PowerPoint) or Game Engine (Unity, Unreal Engine).