Game Writer & Narrative Designer

Game Design

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Social Security Fund
Life & Health Insurance
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Entertainment Budget
Learning and Development Course
Scholarship for master degree
Flexible Benefit ( dental expense / scholarship / and many benefits)


Research and write narrative elements to anchor a reality-based narrative.
Develop stories with compelling, multifaceted characters consistent with the project vision.
Structure and write world setting, story outlines, character-driven scenes with substantial dialogue, and ancillary copy owning the process from concept to final.
Write and iterate on on-going dialogue for characters, enemies, objectives, and missions that tied to the larger story goals creating immersive narrative game experiences.
Create mission structure that identifies narrative beats and plot lines to support the story with game designer and level designer.
Explore new ways to bring characters to life with a practical approach that blends into, or seamlessly with gameplay.
Proactively contribute to brainstorming sessions by pitching ideas for on-brand story arcs and quests within limited art and design scope.
Communicate the narrative vision of the game’s Lead Designers verbally and in writing, across internal departments and with external brand partners.
Integrate inventive writing with design to support both creative and monetization objectives.
Work directly with Designer, Artists, and Animators to coordinate all facets of Narrative with F2P mobile business goals.
Maintain narrative documentation to constantly reflect the latest iterations in the vision.
Maintain dialogue asset pipeline and assist in management of scripts.
Implement narrative content using proprietary game development tools.

Education and Experiences

Proven work experience crafting and developing stories & characters, writing dialogue, and various other content from concept to completion within a production.
Bachelor’s degree in screenwriting, creative writing, or equivalent.
Desirable Experience
  • Experience with a non-linear narrative structure.
  • Experience on a game industry as a narrative designer/game writer.
  • Proven experience creating and implementing narrative content for interactive experiences.

Knowledge and skill & Training requirement

Technical Skills
  • Good understanding of standard screenwriting format.
  • Understanding of story structure and its impact on interactive narrative.
  • Strong copy-editing skills.
  • Ability to realize characters through concise, evocative dialogue.
  • Knowledge of world mythology, industry trends and successful intellectual properties.
  • Plays and has knowledge of modern video games.
  • Solid knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point).
  • Typing speed of at least 60wpm in English.
Interpersonal Skills
  • Have a passion for interactive storytelling.
  • Ability to communicate complex narrative ideas to stakeholders and team.
  • Highly organized and self-motivated to act independently on writing tasks.
  • Excellent organizational skills and able to work well under deadlines.
  • Work and thrive in a collaborative team environment.
  • Ability to process and proactively react to constructive feedback from multiple sources.
Desirable Skills
  • Experience writing branching and non-linear dialogue for games.
  • Experience with code-based scripting languages.
  • Successfully published written work (novels, short fiction, film, television, comics).
  • Excellent level in Written/Spoken English.


A relevant portfolio of your writing is required. (2-3 samples that showcase your strongest work and a longer/screenplay sample with ~10 pages or less. See our portfolio tips here).