Game Designer

Game Design

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Performance Bonuse
Attendance Allowance
Social Security Fund
Life & Health Insurance
Health Check- up
Entertainment Budget
Learning and Development Course
Scholarship for master degree
Flexible Benefit ( dental expense / scholarship / and many benefits)


Work closely with the director and design leads to execute game systems that support the project goal.
Work in collaboration with the game designer, game developer, and artist to ensure that the playability and visual support each other.
Collaborate actively with the QA team, from the first internal playtests to the functional and certification tests to ensure the best quality of the game systems.
Work closely with analytics and telemetry to make meaningful and well-thought-out changes to the game.
Be able to look at the game holistically and bring a fresh perspective that helps strengthen and evolve the foundational design pillars of the game.
Identify challenges with gameplay mechanics, game content, and workflow processes while finding creative solutions to roadblocks.
Generate game design documentation (GDD) and reference document to communicate ideas and goals to the team.
Continue to iterate on designs throughout the project phases from concept to final.
Rapidly Prototype new ideas and features before they are implemented in the game.
Control the accessibility, understanding, and difficulty of the game progression.
Help fine-tune game balancing, pacing, and feeling.
Identify issues and offer solutions related to gameplay.
Correct the game design bugs entered the database by testers.

Education and Experiences

Bachelor's degree in video game development or equivalent training.
2 years experiences in game development industry as a level designer, game designer.

Knowledge and skill & Training requirement

Ability to give and received actionable feedback which critical of your work.
Strong knowledge of Game Design systems and Level Design elements and how they correlate.
Ability to conceptualize game features and mechanics that will be satisfying to the player.
Strong interest in mathematics, “Spreadsheet management” and statistics.
Ability to create well-organized and clear-communicated documents (Word, Excel, Power Point).
Knowledge of the ways Players react to Level and Game Design elements and ability to adapt them effectively according to the Game’s needs.
Solid knowledge of the game production pipeline.
A proven ability to conceptualize, prototype and iterate.
Familiarity with game development cycle.
Good level in Written/Spoken English.
Good Critical and Analytical Sense.
Good Creativity and ability to challenge players.
Positive attitude, self-motivated, organized, and good interpersonal skills.
Passion for videogames and extensive knowledge of different game genres across all platforms.
Be a team-player and receive constructive feedback on multiple projects.
Experience working with Unity is a plus.
Experience making Free to Play games is a plus.
Experience with system-driven games is a plus.
One full development cycle game shipped is a plus.


Strong portfolio showing game designing skills and demonstrating a high level of artistic creativity through documentation (Word, PowerPoint) or Game Engine (Unity, Unreal Engine).