Concept Artist

Game Design

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Performance Bonuse
Attendance Allowance
Social Security Fund
Life & Health Insurance
Health Check- up
Entertainment Budget
Learning and Development Course
Scholarship for master degree
Flexible Benefit ( dental expense / scholarship / and many benefits)
Provident Fund


Define and evolve artistic direction, vision, and high production standards in multiple areas: game character, game environment, and prop in close collaboration with creative, technical, and production leaders.
Collaborate on the creation of style guides and related materials for internal and external teams.
Possesses a good understanding of lighting, color, forms, and composition to enhance the narratives in an artwork.
Well-versed in a variety of popular art styles whether they are realism, anime, stylized, and so on.
Able to paint anatomically accurate humans and creatures in various perspectives and bring forth personality through subtle facial expressions or posture.
Provide and receive constructive feedback and critique.

Education and Experiences

Bachelor's degree in visual development, video game development, graphic design, or equivalent training.

Knowledge and skill & Training Requirement

Good knowledge of human anatomy, sketching, drawing, painting, color theory, perspective, and composition.
Good knowledge of architecture and natural landscapes
Good skills in the use of Painting tool: Photoshop, Zai, or equivalent.
Familiarity with game development cycle including art production workflow, matte painting, color keys, character
turnarounds, storyboards, marketing materials, and graphic design.
Willingness to observe, absorb and modify own work based on many avenues of artistic criticism.
Be a team player and receive constructive feedback on multiple projects.
Passion for video games and extensive knowledge of different game genres across all platforms.
Desired Skills
  • Experience in Texture Painting
  • Experience in Texture Painting Tool: Substance Painter or 3DCoat
  • Basic knowledge of 3D modeling to create initial mockups

*Note: Strong portfolio showing concept art skills and demonstrating a high level of artistic creativity. Character design, environment design, prop design, storyboards, and concept design process since ideation.