Data Scientist


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Performance Bonuse
Attendance Allowance
Social Security Fund
Life & Health Insurance
Health Check- up
Entertainment Budget
Learning and Development Course
Scholarship for master degree
Flexible Benefit ( dental expense / scholarship / and many benefits)


Working with Data Engineer to implement data mining architecture.
Must be data-driven problem solver.
Finding & developing new insights into a new big data system.
Developing a foundation for Data Analysts.
Giving feedback how to enrich the current data pool.
Implement Data Visualization to build analytics dashboard.

Education and Experiences

Bachelor's Degree or higher in Statistics, Computer Science, Information Technology or related fields.
Hand-on experience in Data Expert role such as Data Scientist, Data Engineer or DBA at least 1 year.

Knowledge and skill & Training requirement

Strong knowledge of statistical methods and how to implement using coding languages.
Strong statistical programming skills using Python or R.
Understanding of machine learning methodologies – at least know how to use Python, R libraries relating to machine learning.
Strong knowledge on how to clean up data imperfections.
Able to create report and Data Visualization.
Positive attitude and good communication skill.
Problem solver.